Doing business with Tribe Design

Credit accounts

Credit terms are extended to approved organisations on completion of a credit application and trade referee check.

Payment terms

We deliver to your deadlines, so we expect you will meet your agreement to pay, too. For credit accounts, payment is strictly 20th of the month following date of invoice. Interest charges at a rate published on statements and/or invoices may apply beyond this time. If in the odd event you are unable to pay us by an agreed date, we expect you’ll advise us beforehand and make alternative arrangements for payment. Genuine reasons for late payment will be treated with understanding.

Delivery commitment

In many cases, customers order product on the basis that they require it at a specific time. At the time of ordering, we will assess the time line required and provide a delivery date. In only the most unusual of events will we not deliver on a deadline.

International shipments

One thing we can’t control is our shippers. Most international orders are shipped via international air or express air. We are always conscious of deadlines and aim to ship with plenty of buffer in the event of delay during shipment.

Split delivery

Sometimes an order may be split into smaller parcels and shipped accordingly, due to weight, value or product availability. Should you only wish orders to be supplied complete, please advise us and we will note on your account.

Statement policy

We don’t wish to add indiscriminately to rubbish, clutter and greenhouse gas emissions. Statements are emailed unless a paper version has been requested.


Typically, invoices for account-holding customers will be sent within a few days of shipment. Should you require the invoice to accompany the goods, please advise us and we will make this standard practice for your account and orders. If you are an international customer, we may split ship in order to minimise freight costs for you. Refer Split Delivery above.

Credit card payments

We accept major credit cards via PayPal as an alternative to a credit account. We appreciate that some customers have specific reasons as to why this is better than sending cheques. To use a credit card, payment is expected immediately upon receipt of goods. We will send an email with instructions for your secure online payment. Credit card payment incurs a service fee of 3.7% of the value of the invoice.

Payment by cheque for international accounts

In order to make doing business with us as easy as possible, we accept cheques in foreign currency. Payment history, defaults and status change We reserve the right to withdraw the extension of credit terms depending on payment performance. Should a customer be changed from credit account to cash sales, payment will be expected prior to shipment or collection of goods.

Interest charges on outstanding debt

We reserve the right to apply finance and administration charges on any amount unsettled by the agreed date. These charges form part of the total debt owed to us at any time.

Outstanding debt

If you have been unsuccessful in settling an account more than 60 days overdue, we reserve the right to appoint a debt collection agency for recovery. In establishing a credit account with us, you are agreeing that all costs incurred by us in the arrangement and recovery of debt via a third party will become part of the debt owed.

Cash sales accounts

If you are not intending to do business with us frequently, you may wish to operate solely on a cash sales basis. Depending on the size of the investment to manufacture, or time line, we may request a deposit.

Ownership of goods

In establishing an account with us and receiving credit terms, you are agreeing that ownership of all despatched goods are the entire legal property of Tribe Design Limited until payment (including any debt and interest costs) are received in full.

Credit limit

For credit accounts, we reserve the right to set a credit limit. These will be reviewed as per your business needs and development of the relationship.


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