Our promise

We're a creative bunch of kiwis crafting cool stuff in metal. We care about what we do, how it's done, and most especially, what you think of it.

Your brand, your needs first

From the germination of idea at design stage, right through to packaging it up, we remind ourselves who this is for. If it's a collector of automobile memorabilia, that car design better look authentic. If it's a corporate gift with a company logo it, that logo should shine and endure – not like those cheap products where the ink on the pen carrying your name runs out, or the logo rubs off after five minutes' use. Nope, that's just not us.

Live and breathe it

We've also made a substantial investment in quality standards. That's not about popping a certificate on the wall and slapping ourselves on the back. It's to be consistent in how we do things, to look for efficiencies relentlessly, and to live and breathe a culture of excellence.

Your deadline's ours, too

Typically, we're able to turn a rough idea into a finished product in a matter of weeks. We like that time to deliver excellent quality, but we're also well-used to challenging time lines. Talk to us. It may mean some extra investment from you to make it happen that fast – but we won't cut corners on quality. And, thinking laterally around getting your work through quickly is second nature to us. Oh, and we also won't commit to a tight deadline unless we absolutely know we can meet it.


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