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Buy automotive collectibles

Tribe's stock range of miniature collectibles is extensive: classic cars, bikes, hot rods, logos - in keyrings, badges and belt buckles. We're also custom designers for all manner of enthusiast and owners' clubs - anniversary mementos, rally grille badges and the likes.

Buy for yourself

In New Zealand, Tribe handles club sales directly, and can put you in touch with a retailer for single item sales. Contact us for details.

In Europe, there may be a number of places you can buy. Initial contact is our European distributor, Michael Muller of Kallis Badges. Email Michael to begin a dialogue

In Australia, Tribe has an extensive distribution network, which is tailored to sales channel and state. Contact us with info of where you are.We'll respond with the best/closest place you can buy. A couple of locations for convenience:

Stock them in your shop, or sell them at shows

In New Zealand, distribution is handled directly by Tribe. Contact us to be considered as a retailer. Tribe's ability to supply may be restricted based on licence arrangements, but talk to us about what is possible. A lot of Tribe's products are sold at car shows, bike meets and other automotive-related events all over the world. Your location will determine whether you work with directly via Tribe, or via a distributor. Contact us to find out which.

Buy to distribute internationally

Tribe works both with distributors and directly, depending on the market. It is possible that we may have a distributorship opportunity depending on your sales channels and geographical location.If you'd like to be considered as a distributor, email us with your details. We're interested in your market, your customer base and how we can help you earn money by representing Tribe products to the retail trade.

Buy automotive dealership products

Tribe designs custom products for dealership franchises. Most often, these are keyrings on quality leather which not only have the vehicle brand, but the dealership information - either embossed in the leather, or part of the metal tag.

In New Zealand, Tribe handles this directly, so contact us with your needs. If you have a relationship with a promotional company and prefer to keep it that way, ask them to get in contact with us.

In Australia, we have a number of distributors to service all areas. Contact us for details.

In Europe, email our distributor, Michael Muller.


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